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Instagram Makes Concessions



Instagram dropped a “New Posts” button feature that allows users to choose to see recent posts instead of automatically being bumped to the top when scrolling. Several months ago, Instagram changed from a chronological feed to a relevancy-based feed, and users were not happy. Based on this feedback, Instagram created this new feature to give the people what they want — more recent posts, more often. Before you all jump to your Instagram App, know this new feature is in BETA right now. I know, what a killjoy, right?

The new algorithm made it difficult for users to see recent content, which in turn, made it difficult for brands to get engagement on their recent posts. The good news is users’ feeds will not automatically update unless they choose to click the “New Posts” button, so your content will appear in their feeds for longer than before…unless they click the button.


A new Instagram feature is appearing to a subset of the platform’s users that allows them to reshare posts in their Instagram Stories. Simply tap the reshare button on the post to embed it to your Story and then use the creative tools to make it your own. Users who view the embedded post in your story can click a “See Post” button to view the permanent post in the original poster’s feed.

This feature will keep feeds relevant as users opt to share content from other users in the Instagram Stories bubbles that sit atop the feed. This new feature has the potential to create new user behaviors like meme creation and cross-promoting brands. Again, this new feature is also in BETA right now. But, keep checking your account to see if it has rolled out to you.

Instagram reshares are the new retweets. This new feature has the potential to create new user behaviors like meme creation and cross-promoting brands. It offers a powerful tool for virality as well. Users can find a post in their feed, embed it to their story, and DM their friends about the content — that’s three different places your content can be seen.

If you want your content to remain relevant and potentially go viral, create shareable content like giveaways and contests that encourage users to reshare your content on their Stories for a chance to win. This gets your content in front of the eyes of users who follow your followers but may not follow your brand.


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