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Fun social networks aren’t limited to a select few such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are literally thousands of different networks available depending on your interests. While they may not have millions of users, all the fun social networks have to start somewhere, right? If you’re ready to try something new, give a few of these networks a try.

MeetMe is all about meeting new people. What I find interesting about the site is you can earn virtual currency to buy things via their store or to donate to charity. It’s also similar to the typical Facebook setup of sharing photos, videos, messages and playing games. All in all, it’s a fun way to meet other people and maybe even support your favorite charity.

Since everybody started going online, there have been many changes and new developments.  One of the new things that wouldn’t be possible without the internet and social medias is to become a social media influencer. Being a social media influencer means that an individual has the power, passion, and the energy to attract others on social networks, change their opinions and have a great impact on them.

Once they are able to establish a great follower base and make people listen to what they have to say, influencers can get in a position where they can get sponsored, or promote products and services through their social networks and start making a lot of money. There are various types of social media influencers, depending on what they talk about.

Today we will offer influencer marketing tips on how to become a healthy lifestyle influencer and help you turn something you are passionate about into a potential money-making opportunity.

  • Define yourself as an influencer

The first thing you need to do is to define yourself as an influencer and as a person. Healthy lifestyle could mean a lot of things and you need to know what your key topics are and what defines you. Will you be talking about healthy food, vegan food, working out, give healthy lifestyle tips, talk about bad habits and how to correct them or offer recipes?

You cannot be all around the place, you need to find one thing that will be your primary subject. This will help you brand yourself and become recognizable to people online. Additionally, when you “specialize” in one thing, it will be easier for you to constantly learn new things and offer engaging content and information that is relevant to your target audience.

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