2018 Analytics Tools Checklist For Social Media Managers

As 2018 approaches, new trends in social media mean taking a fresh look at your social analytics tools is a good idea. Here’s what you’ll need your tools to do for brand success in the New Year and beyond:


You may think one social network is as good as another as far as what’s on offer, i.e., images, text, video, but it’s hardly that simple.

For example, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook now offer Stories for social users to build and share in the short term. These Stories then vanish forever, making them that much more enticing to your followers while they’re there. But these three channels are very different in the ways they engage social users overall – so it’s crucial to know where your audience is most engaged, and why.

Be sure your social analytics tools can assess what draws your audience to a particular channel and what content they crave while there.


From Chatbots to Artificial Intelligence to Augmented and Virtual Reality, the ways we communicate through technology is evolving. Social analytics tools must constantly evolve as well – to offer consumer insights on these burgeoning technologies so brands know how much to incorporate them.

If you’re using outdated tools that don’t keep up with the changing consumer tech landscape, you won’t be able to compete for your share of tomorrow’s audiences. In fact, social monitoring will be the only way to know if these technologies are helping or hurting your brand. With new tech especially, there’s no setting it and forgetting it. You’ve got to keep a close eye on analytics to ensure your customer experience isn’t suffering or the sake of trying something new.


Many brands have been slow to adopt social customer care strategies – to their detriment. It’s no longer optional to manage customer care on social media – and you must respond quickly. Your tools must monitor social in real-time, alerting you to customer service issues in time to stop them from going viral.

This is particularly important with new customer care channels like Chatbots.  Remember, if you use Chatbots they don’t take the place of human intervention. Pay close attention to consumer attitudes here.

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